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Efficient Time Tracking

Track time on customers and projects quickly and easy. Keep track of all logged billable hours in a simple overview.

Simple Project Management

Manage all projects effortlessly from one place. Get an overview of the status of all projects and make sure they are completed within budget.

Complete Dashboard

Get an overview of personal performance, company performance and how projects are progressing. Make sure all goals are met successfully and that the team is performing well.

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“TimeOn can do everything a time tracking software needs to do. It can keep track of all our tracked hours in a simple and user-friendly way. It is also the only system I have seen that can send out all of our entries to our clients each week – that in itself is completely worth the money.”

Martin Bengaard CEO – Sense Marketing

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Why Choose TimeOn?

Easy to use

Whether it comes to tracking time, managing projects, getting insights on how work is progressing or checking team performance, the platform is intuitive and easy to use.

Save time

TimeOn makes time tracking, project management and reporting super efficient for you and your team, so you can become more productive and get more billable hours.

Effective team collaboration

Make sure that the whole team knows which customers and projects should be worked on. Everyone involved in a project knows what have been worked on. Timelines, comments and notes creates full understanding on what needs to be worked on next.

A full overview

The performance dashboard gives an overview of the whole company. Get insights on revenue, how projects are progressing and how the team is performing. All gathered in one simple place.

Better client communication

Avoid misunderstandings, unproductive phone calls and catch-up meetings with customers. Automatic weekly time reports improves client communication and makes billing easy.

Increased bottom line

Get more productive and increase the bottom line. TimeOn reduces ineffective administrative work and gets you more billable hours.

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