TimeOn For Teams

TimeOn provides teams with an effective way to collaborate on projects and control the tasks that needs to be done for all ongoing projects. It also gives an understandable overview of how work is progressing and how you can improve team performance.

A team of 4 consultants are working together on a project

Get projects accepted directly by your clients, so you know they are ready to be worked on. Organize all projects, so each team member is on top with what needs to be worked on and what tasks other team members are working on.

Analyze project developments, so you are on track with hours worked and keep the project within budget. Check the status of each project – both single projects and monthly recurring projects, to make sure team members fully understand what needs to be worked on at the moment.

Make the team perform better by knowing what everyone is working on and what projects require attention. See how the whole team has performed based on revenue and hours worked, as well as how the performance of each consultant has been. Based on the data you are equipped to easily see where improvements can be made.

  • Project coherence
  • Understand project development
  • Improve team performance

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