TimeOn For Managers

As a manager, TimeOn can help you keep track of how your team is performing and how projects are progressing. In the end of each week a detailed time report makes client communication simple and undemanding for you.

A consultant manager presenting business data to colleagues

Get to know how the business is performing. Visual data shows the total amount of revenue and how the amount of finished work compares to the projected work for every project.

Check how each consultant is performing. See how much work they have done, what tasks they have completed and what they are missing. It will make it easy for you as a manager to understand their development and what can be done to improve individual performance.

The dashboard provides you with insights on all hourly work and projects. You can see what has been completed this month, what needs more work and what is coming up in the future. This will make planning and forecasting work quick and effortless.

Auto generated weekly reports with data on all projects, tasks and budgets for each client is at your disposal. Chose to automatically send the reports to your clients to keep them informed, to avoid any misunderstandings and to free yourself from unproductive phone calls and meetings.

  • Quick business overview
  • Performance data on each consultant
  • Keep track of hourly work and projects
  • Uncomplicated client communication

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