TimeOn For Administrative Departments

For administrative departments TimeOn gives you an easy way to see when projects are ready to be worked on. The platform also provides you with a manageable overview of how projects are going, what is in the pipeline for the future and you can integrate TimeOn data into the workflow of the department.

3 people from an administration department sitting behind a desk

You can easily get to know when projects are approved by clients and your team is beginning working on the project. Follow the development of every project through a visual project timeline, which gives you knowledge about how projects are coming along and what is planned for the future.

Know exactly what your team is working on and who is doing what. Each team members work is tracked and how they have spent their time is added as notes to their tasks.

Integrate all TimeOn data into your departments workflow to improve efficiency across your department and the project team. The data on the visual dashboard and the automated time reports will make it possible for you to get all the data you need to make the best decisions in your department.

  • Get insights on project development
  • Know what teams are working on
  • Integrate data with your own workflow

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