TimeOn is ever expanding and is always looking for new talent to join us on our journey. Whether it is in our office or working remotely, we have options for you. We offer flexible hours and plenty of possibility to expand your knowledge and learn new things.

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Open hours :

8.00am - 5.00pm

Break Timing :

30min (lunch break)

Communication Tools:

Slack, Mail, Trello

Attendance :

In office or remotely

What we offer and expect of you :

The following is a list of possibilities and information about working in TimeOn :

  • Everybody at TimeOn have the possibility to learn new things. Therefore, we offer paid hours to learn, improve and perfect your skills.
  • We offer flexible hours, so we can fit into your school or other important activities.
  • We work in an informal and open environment with a friendly tone of voice among colleagues.
  • You can take all the coffee you desire and you can buy food, so you have energy enough to give it your best!
  • We expect that you are ready to take up the challenges that comes along with working in a growing company and take responsibility for your work.