About Us

Why We Built TimeOn

Based on our own experiences as consultants and after having listened to colleagues and friends constantly complain about how the available time registration platforms were too complicated, yet didn’t provide the needed features, we decided to take action!

We knew that freelancers and consultant agencies needed a simple but powerful platform to help track hourly work, track recurring projects, get insights on individual and team performance, and improve client communication. That’s why we decided to create TimeOn – a simple, fast and powerful time registration platform that encompasses all of the above.

We have now seen how much TimeOn can help businesses become more productive and the journey to help improve the business of all freelancers and consultant agencies is well on the way. Your productivity is our priority.

The TimeOn Vision

Our goal is to help you build a better business by giving you the software and data you need to become more productive.

The best time registration software

We want TimeOn to be the best time tracking software for freelancers and consultants.

Complete data

We want to provide you with the most detailed data about you and your team's performance.

Integration across business units

We want to provide integrations to HR and Finance units to help you improve efficiency across the whole business.

Multi platform

We want you to have acces to TimeOn anywhere you are on all of your devices.

Meet The Founders

picture of the TimeOn founder Nicolai

Nicolai Thomasson


My interests are programming and development. I make sure we deliver the absolute best product. Our platform and offerings should be in a constant state of improvement to ensure that you get the best time registration platform on the market, so you are satisfied with TimeOn.

profile picture of TimeOn cofounder Jacob Dahl

Jacob Dahl


My interests are SEO and marketing. I focus on improving our website and providing you with valuable content. I put great emphasis on giving you the best information and tips that can help you improve your business.

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